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Cinnamon Donut

Cinnamon Donut

Roast Type: All Coffee , Espresso , Featured coffee

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50% Jairo Arcila
50% La Bonbonera
50 % Cinnamon process natural
50% Carbonic maceration washed
50% Pink Bourbon
50% mixed
Elevation: 1400-1950masl
Special for world donut day 4th June 
To acknowledge our humble beginning, being a sister company to Mary Street Bakery who are famous for their donuts,
we decided to celebrate world donut day with this special blend - Cinnamon donut.

For those of you who followed us, we love it when our coffee producers experiment with new processes.
To make this cinnamon donut blend we chose 50% of Jairo Arcila's cinnamon natural process coffee.
Jairo Arcila infused the green coffee during the drying phase with literally cinnamon sticks, using tartaric acid as a binding agent to let the flavours infuse and preserve in the green unroasted coffee. To our surprise after roasting this coffee is bursting with cinnamon aroma! 
To give the blend a nice sugary doughy base we paired it with 50% of our La Bonbonera carbonic maceration washed.
This coffee has been washed and fermented in stainless steel tanks, while CO2 is pumped to remove any oxygen from the process. 
The result is a clean washed coffee with pronounces sugary notes, with a creamy base that resembles a pillowy donut dough. 

This blend works amazingly both black and with milk 

This is a very limited edition, available until it runs out.