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El Arbol Indigo lot 335 *Rare*
El Arbol Indigo lot 335 *Rare*
El Arbol Indigo lot 335 *Rare*
El Arbol Indigo lot 335 *Rare*
Offshoot Coffee

El Arbol Indigo lot 335 *Rare*

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Black Forest, Grape Jelly, Chestnut Puree
Country: Nicaragua
Region: Dipilito, Nueva Segovia
Process: Carbonic maceration natural
Variety: Catimor
Elevation: 1200-1500masl

Carbonic maceration natural process

» Hand sorting of only ripe, red cherries at 20-22 brix
» Cherries are placed inside sealed tanks and filled with CO2, pushing oxygen out
» Controlled yeast activity, temperature & humidity of tanks
» Extended coffee-skin contact and anaerobic fermentation time intensifies fruit characters
bringing deep red and purple fruit flavours, rich mouthfeel and length to the cup
» Removed from tank and rinsed, then laid on raised beds
» Drying on zerandas using a combination of shade, direct sun and drying houses to ensure
the drying is even and steady
» Drying takes typically 20-25 days
» Coffees stored in dried cherry pods until milling for export

In 2016, Project Origin founder Sasa Sestic teamed up with several coffee professionals 

and producer, Claudia Lovo to purchase Finca El Árbol, in the Dipilto region of Nicaragua. 

The name El Árbol (‘the tree’) comes from the giant tree that dominates the centre of the farm. 

The goal was to transform El Árbol from a commodity coffee farm to one that could produce high quality, specialty coffee.


With Claudia’s guidance over the last four years, the farm has been transformed 

from an overgrown commodity farm to a well-maintained sanctuary of flora, fauna, community and specialty coffee. 

The farm grows a range of coffee varietals and has been the source of many innovations and experiments in processing techniques.

El Árbol aims to become fully organic by 2025. 

Claudia and the team are slowly reducing the use of chemicals, gradually replacing them with organic compost 

from local animals, trees, vegetables and flowers. 

The aim is to increase bio-diversity on the farm and in the local area, 

so that the natural environment itself returns to being self-sustaining and nutrient rich. 

This will hopefully also ensure high quality coffee production 

so that the farm can continue to support full time, year-round workers.

Claudia and Sasa have gone to great lengths to ensure that El Árbol is focused on its workers and the community. 

Before the farm itself was refurbished, investments were made into the accommodation and resources used by the farm workers and their families. 

All meals are cooked on the farm, with all the managers and workers eating together. 

Basic healthcare and dental services are provided to all staff and their children, 

as well as tutors to improve their computer and English-speaking skills.