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Verena Stagg
Verena Stagg
Verena Stagg
Verena Stagg
Verena Stagg
Offshoot Coffee

Verena Stagg

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Lemon Popsicle, Starfruit, Panela
Country: Ecuador
Region: Pichincha, Finca Meridiano
Process: Washed
Variety: Typica
Elevation: 1500masl

Interview with the producer Mario Hervas
The farm is a Passion Project that started like 11 years ago , I am an agronomist that  has worked on
fresh cut flowers business for more than 17 years and I transferred all of my knowledge to
Coffee production
The process involved in Microlot Verena Stagg is :
Harvest and  Selection of ripe cherries
Wash the cherries  and float them  , Selection of the floaters out , Rinse water and let the selected cherry dry
and ferment with skin during 24 hours
Depulpation and then a second fermentation for 24 hours more
Then we  wash of the grain with pure water cleaning its mucilage
and then its put to an outside (rain protected ) drying bed for 24 hours then it goes to the green house for 12 to 15 days until the grain reaches 12.3-13%
finally to the air drying machine to aim for the 11% RH in the grain .... the process takes around 18 to 20 days until it is packed in grain pro bags.
Verena Stagg is the wife of the farm´s owner, Mario Hervas.
She grew a separate lot in the farm of about 3000 Typica Mejorado Coffee plants that has been completely managed from the start by her  growing the coffee plants
in the nursery and planting them , its first production was last year 2021.
The pupouse of this project is to learn all the steps to clearly transmit this knowledge to women. Verena runs a Non Profit Organization that helps the children whose
mother´s  is in Jail.
At Finca Meridiano our main crop is Coffee , but we also have few animals like cattle , fish pools ( Tilapia )  , chickens , pigs.
We still have some primary  forest from where the water of the farm emerges, in this forest many endemic animals live , like
armadillos , squirrels , probably bears and many birds.
Finca Meridiano is about 300000 m2 , it is one of the two coffee farms in the region , we are the pioneers in introducing Coffee Production to our region and
we have been learning how to grow and process it  for like about 10 years. We have no one to follow or ask anything about Coffee because no one has grown it  under our conditions.
Also we have taught many people in the area how things have to be done in order to reach a quality product.
One of my favourite things about producing Coffee is enjoying every morning an excellent Cup of my own Coffee.
A coffee that has been followed by me step by step , day after day .... and tasting it makes me really happy .
Also sharing it with the ones who have been supporting and asking about  my project since the beginning.
I started the farm like 11 years ago from scratch.
There is a man who is my right hand and my eyes in the farm , his name is Bayron Ruiz , he lives there and has captured all the spirit and mystic
of growing an post -harvesting Speciality Coffees I have transmitted to him.
We in the family are all Coffee lovers and can´t start the day without Coffee ...!!