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Finca Aceituno
Finca Aceituno
Offshoot Coffee

Finca Aceituno

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Grilled Pineapple, Berries, Caramel
Country: Guatemala
Region: Conguaco, Jutiapa
Process: Natural
Variety: Red Bourbon
Elevation: 1200-1400masl
When José Adolfo Fumagalli Saravia purchased 60 hectares in Aldea El Bran, there were no coffee trees growing, just a few fruits and one stunning olive tree.
José took the name El Aceituno from the Spanish for olive and went about planting coffee.
He instilled his passion for working with nature and a love of nurturing beautiful coffee plants with his daughter, Celeste Fumagalli.
New Year’s holidays at the farm would always coincide with harvest and before long she was completely immersed in every facet.
Celeste now runs the farm with shared dedication and support from her husband, Roberto Recinos.
Golden Grains was founded by the pair (with three sons in tow, no less) in August 2013 and within five months they established their own eco-mill to take complete control of every step,
from nursery to preparations for export, whilst also championing the best environmentally sustainable practices.
Minimising waste, solar-powered and the recycling of all processing water –
not only was it the first to be built in Conguaco, it is listed among the wet mills to have the lowest environmental impact in Guatemala.
El Aceituno is flush with heavenly scented coffee blossoms in April, growing under many native species of shade canopy such as white mahogany, matilisguate and gravilea.
By December, the first cherries are ready to pick. Celeste emphasizes that it all begins with her selection of the best seeds.
From there, the strictest quality control is implemented with intensive agricultural management plans for soil, organic-byproduct composting for fertiliser
and multiple passes during harvest routines to pick cherries at optimal ripeness.
Celeste’s commitment is equally to preserving and improving the environment as it is to perfection in coffee production.
This Red Bourbon selection was natural processed on raised drying beds.
The result is clean and dynamic in profile.
An experience that Mena Abarca believes justifies their immense efforts and are up for the ongoing challenges to improve and impress with every new season.