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San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo
Offshoot Coffee

San Lorenzo

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Pear, Panela, Nectarine
Country: Guatemala
Region: Valdez family, Coban
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra
Elevation: 1650-1800masl

The Valdez family has been growing coffee for three generations in Cobán. Finca San Lorenzo is the family’s second farm - it was purchased in 1987.
The farm is located down the road from the family’s first farm: Finca Santa Isabel. Originally, San Lorenzo was a lush forest. The Valdez family planted coffee in 1987.
Aside from coffee, they have also been reforesting the farm. During the harvest, each varietal is picked separately and sent to the mill at Finca Santa Isabel.
At the mill, each varietal goes to different receiving tanks, is pulped separately and are then sent to different fermentation tanks.
Each varietal is also washed, dried and cupped separately.
Washed process
The cherries are picked during the day and then sent to the wet mill at 6pm. The coffee is then depulped and hand selected for any imperfections.
After this, the coffee arrives at the fermentation tanks and ferments for 18 hours. Once fermentation is complete, the coffee soaks in tanks for 24 hours and is washed in clean water.
After beans are washed, the coffee is dried on the patio for 7 days. After drying on the patio, the coffee is further dried in guardiolas for 3 days (between 8-4pm) at 40°C.
Once completely dried, coffee is rested for two days before storage in the warehouse.