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Bridazul Supernatural
Bridazul Supernatural
Bridazul Supernatural
Offshoot Coffee

Bridazul Supernatural

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First roast - 21/06/2022

Plum Wine, Fruit Pastilles, Red Grape
Country: Nicaragua
Region: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
Process: Supernatural
Variety: Caturra/Catuai
Elevation: 1320-1450masl

Processing Details - Supernatural
-Coffee cherries are collected from lots from small-holder farmers and are transported to
the Bridazul processing mill
-Cherries are sorted based on our ripeness protocols, aiming for 95% of cherries being
fully red and brix of 18-22
-Cherries are placed in a cool environment in Grainpro bags ziptied shut and left for
several days to develop body and sweet fruit flavours
- After fermentation cherries are laid on beds to dry in the shade
- Drying typically takes 20-30 days depending on weather
- Moisture content is reduced to 10-12%
- Dried coffee is stored in the dried cherry pod at the dry mill until milling and export
Bridazul does amazing work to empower farmers and producers in the Nueva Segovia Department of Nicaragua, and we are proud to be partnered with such caring people.
Founders Claudia and Tim happen to connect all of Project Origin’s values together: economic sustainability for the producer and their farm,
improving the quality of the environment, increasing quality of coffee cherries and green beans, and connecting people together.
It was only a matter of time before they could join forces and collaborate on this incredible journey together.
Claudia and Tim work for the underdogs and small microlot holders in the region and offer a variety of resources, stemming from their base at Finca El Árbol.
They provide a processing mill that can be used to raise coffee quality,
they hire agronomists to provide information on soil care and farm maintenance, and they encourage tutoring for producers.
At their home of Finca El Árbol, they offer additional services including medical care and education to their workers and families.
They also provide producers with market access, information on how to profitably sell green beans, and guidance on harvesting and processing.
These resources build long-term positive impacts for sustainable work for more communities in the Department.
Producers that have worked with Bridazul and Project Origin for more than two years have reported that they are now paying their workers and their seasonal pickers more than the normal wages,
in some cases 50% more because they know they can expect a profitable sale price if they produce a consistent quality of harvested cherries.
The impact of a producer’s ability to pay higher wages results in ‘seasonal’ pickers and workers being happy to return to work at the farms and pick according to the ripeness protocols.
This results in a more consistent quality of cherry delivered to the mill, creating a higher quality finished product that earns a better price when sold.
This circle benefits all involved and builds towards a more economically sustainable structure for the coffee producers,
and this is exactly what the collaboration between Project Origin and El Arbol aims to achieve.
In 2020 Bridazul and Project Origin built the collaborative processing facility to expand their reach and impact in Nueva Segovia.
The facility buys cherries from producers at above market rates and assumes all the risk of processing and then selling the finished product .
This format means producers do not need to invest capital towards setting up and running their own processing mills, or towards processing experimentation, which can often be a great expense.
The coffees processed at El Árbol can use the traditional or carbonic maceration processing techniques, and every year they review and improve their processing methods and connectivity with producers.
Everyone in this supply chain benefits from working together in this way, highlighting the meaning of the name Bridazul.
In the local language, ‘brida’ means ‘to tie’ and refers to connecting things together, and ‘azul’ means blue, which is the dominant colour of the Nicaraguan flag.
Bridazul symbolises the sustainable connections between producer, environment and consumer.
Since Project Origin’s founder Šasa Šestić first met Claudia in 2014 at an origin trip, he knew that a partnership would produce some - thing special.
We are proud to work closely with such considerable and caring people like Claudia and Tim and to showcase the work of those they impact so positively in Nicaragua.
An experience that Mena Abarca believes justifies their immense efforts and are up for the ongoing challenges to improve and impress with every new season.