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El Liquidambar
El Liquidambar
El Liquidambar
Offshoot Coffee

El Liquidambar

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Blackberry Jam, Raisin, Fudge
Country: Honduras
Region: Marcala, La Paz
Process: Natural
Variety: Bourbon
Elevation: 1450masl
Mary Nery Marquez is a very talented producer and the owner of four farms including El Liquidambar.
After the unfortunate passing of her husband, Mary decided to take the quality of her coffees to a new level
in order to increase their income and help her children finish their studies and continue playing football.
With the help of her eldest son Roger, they began to better understand the specialty coffee industry,
Taking advice from IHCAFE and local producers in the area.
In 2015, Mary and Roger placed 6th in their first entry into the Cup of Excellence with an average score of 89.27,
and they did this without owning any wet mill facilities.
The award gave them incentive to invest in their own infrastructure, such as African drying beds, to control more of the cherry processing themselves.
They returned to the Cup of Excellence competition in 2017 and once again took 6th place with an average score of 89.22.
Project Origin began our relationship with Mary and Roger in 2015, and we visited them once again in 2019 to see their farm flourishing.
The natural springs and waterfalls that run through the farm keep the flora lush and healthy,
and the Marquez family focus on a healthy biodiversity to complement their work on high quality coffee.
The Marquez family have also begun exploring more of the coffee production chain.
They have started roasting their own coffee to sell locally, and are becoming familiar with brewing methods and extraction theory through their brew bar installed at home.