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Jamison Savage "Vivid" *Rare*
Jamison Savage "Vivid" *Rare*
Jamison Savage "Vivid" *Rare*
Jamison Savage "Vivid" *Rare*
Jamison Savage "Vivid" *Rare*

Jamison Savage "Vivid" *Rare*

Roast Type: All Coffee , Fancy Beans , Featured coffee , Filter

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Country: Panama
Region: Volcan, Finca Deborah
Process: Carbonic maceration washed
Variety: Geisha
Elevation: 1900-2000masl
Earl Grey, White grapes, Nectarine

» Picking of only dark red cherries, separated by sections of the farm. 20-22 brix
» Cherries are pulped & placed inside sealed tanks and filled with CO2 pushing oxygen out
» Controlled yeast activity, temperature & humidity of tanks
» Extended anaerobic fermentation time intensifies fruit characters bringing deep fruit flavours and rich mouthfeel and length to the cup
» Drying takes typically 15 days

 Jamison Savage has dedicated the last 10 years to building Finca Deborah in the Chiriqui highlands of Volcan, Panama. 
At more than 1950MASL Deborah is one of the highest, shade grown coffee estates in the region. 
Jamison believes a balanced ecosystem is essential to responsible coffee production and sustainability is a key theme. 
Every effort is taken to preserve the terroir, which sustains this remarkable place. No herbicides or harmful chemicals are applied on the farm. 
The result is a breathtaking rainforest canopy where carpets of lush cover-crop run freely between the coffee trees and rare species of birds and insects abound. 
Everywhere one look there is attention to detail and preservation.

Finca Deborah is considered one of the world’s preeminent coffee estates. 
In June, 2016 Deborah washed Geisha was brought to the world stage 
where it won first place in the much coveted World Barista Championship, Dublin, Ireland.
Yet, this hasn’t stopped Jamison from experimenting and searching for new ways to improve his agronomy and processing techniques. 
Since 2016 he has implemented Washed and Natural Carbonic Maceration at Deborah, a process Sasa Sestic shared with him.
Jamison’s sustainable approach to farming mixed with highly advanced technological practices, a deep respect for nature, and sense of community 
guide him in being one of the most impressive coffee producers in the world.