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La Capilla

La Capilla

Roast Type: All Coffee , Espresso

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Country: Colombia
Region: Caldas, La Maria
Process: Aqua Cherry Washed
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo
Elevation: 1750-1950masl
Brown Sugar, Peach, Pink grapefruit

Aqua Cherry washed process
Ripe cherries are hand selected and depulped
The seeds are sent to stainless steel fermentation tanks
Cherry pulp is being re-introduced to the fermentation tank to ferment together
A blend of Yeast and bacteria are added to the fermentation tank
The whole process is temperature controlled and the PH level is monitored
Coffee is being dried until reached the desired humidity %

The farm is located in the Municipality of Villamaría (Vereda Llanitos), Caldas Department, Colombia.
This region is famous for producing most of the Colombian Coffee, often considered the best in the
world. This is due to the characteristics of the soil and the thermal floors of the area that according to its
altitude variations, give a special and unique microclimate to produce consistently good quality coffee.
The area is also known for its steep-sloped valleys and its warm and rainy climate. The average
temperature in La María is 23 °C.

This coffee is sourced by Latorre and Dutch as part of their "Pura Cepa" project
Pura Cepa project is based on controlled processing on the microbiological level, being able to proceed
the coffee similar to wine, using our own yeast fermented bacteria during the washing station process,
monitoring their rates of activity and ensuring that counterproductive bacteria, fungus and molds are
eliminated from the process. As a result, we create a high quality coffee cherry, suitable for the specialty
With a 100% science-based project, Purca Cepa project is capable of developing a full circle sustainability, creating
sustainable incomes for farmers and their families and also providing resources to help the population.
The project is helping 3,000- 4,000 farmers and their families as well as provide economical, social,
environmental, and educational benefits to the community.