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La Sierra "Red Bomb"
La Sierra "Red Bomb"
La Sierra "Red Bomb"
La Sierra "Red Bomb"
Offshoot Coffee

La Sierra "Red Bomb"

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Mulberry, Red apple, Cloves
Country: Colombia
Region: Madellin, Antioquia
Process: Double fermentation washed
Variety: Pajarito, Caturra, Castillo
Elevation: 1700-2000masl
This is the second harvest we are offering this amazing coffee.
La Sierra are small producers that are focused on high quality and progressive coffees.

Double fermentation washed process
-120 hours anaerobic fermentation as whole cherry in temperature over 20 degrees 
-Cherries are depulped in hand-powered machine
- 50 hours of fermentation in mucilage without oxygen in low temperature 
-Sun dried on African beds

La Sierra
La Sierra is a community located in the Eastern boarder of the Medellin city limits. 
High in the mountains overlooking the downtown, La Sierra is a remote area you wouldn’t believe could exist
so close to a major city like Medellin.  The air is fresher, the view is more impressive, 
life is lived more simply, and worries of the hustle and bustle of Medellin seem to melt away. 
However, La Sierra wasn’t always such a peaceful environment. 
In the recent past, this area was a red zone, an area full of so much violence and fighting that no one would even dare to enter. 

Through origin La Sierra we celebrate the progress and cherish the peace which the community is able to live their lives with today.
Lead by a man named Cristian, the La Sierra community is experimenting with different fermentation processes and the results are incredible!

Sourced by El Fuego Connection
A new direct to farm coffee importer, El fuego have been passionate coffee drinkers for the better part of a decade. 
El Fuego Coffee Connection strives to find exceptional yet undiscovered coffee farmers and producers and connect their product with an international market. 
This coffee is the result of two of their greatest passions coming together, coffee and travel.
On a trip through Central and South America in 2019 
El Fuego's Kyle sought out a relatively unknown producer with a plantation high in the hills overlooking Medellín, Colombia.
With the help of some friends he organized a cupping to try something new and learn about the coffee culture and 'scene' on the ground in Colombia.
"The processes used were completely new to me and I was really blown away by the flavors.
I stayed at the roastery until very late that night talking all things coffee with some wonderful people.
I bought 5 bags for myself and after a few more sunny days in Medellín,
I hit the road again taking what I had learnt and experienced with me."

"On arrival back to Perth I arranged to have some green coffee samples sent over.
Rummy (Offshoot) was the first roaster in Australia to try this origin.
He was equally as excited about the flavours this coffee possesses and the new wave processes being used."