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Lina Posada - Geisha *Rare*
Lina Posada - Geisha *Rare*
Lina Posada - Geisha *Rare*
Lina Posada - Geisha *Rare*

Lina Posada - Geisha *Rare*

Roast Type: All Coffee , Fancy Beans , Featured coffee , Filter

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Country: Colombia
Region: Concordia, Guayacan
Process: Honey
Variety: Geisha
Elevation: 1860masl
Bergamot, Lemon sherbet, Butter
 Lina has been competing lately in local competitions and her coffee is scoring very highly. This has spiked interest locally and internationally for her unique micro lots. Customers continue to come back year after year and support the growth of her production.  

  The farm is called Guyacan which is also the name of this beautiful yellow tree that grows in it. Guayacan is a tree that flowers only twice per year and when it does this farm, which is filled with them, turns a beautiful yellow. 
The farm has a focus on biodiversity, the Guyacan trees are scattered throughout the crops along with other plants like banana trees and other trees that provide shadows to the coffee crops.