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Roast Type: All Coffee , Espresso , Featured coffee

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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia, Bule Hora
Process: Fermentum natural
Variety: Heirloom
Elevation: 1716-1950masl
Peach ice tea, Gooseberry, Milk chocolate
This coffee is part of Lattore and Dutch's Pura Cepa project
Pura Cepa project is based on control led processing on the microbiological level, 
being able to proceed the coffee similar to wine, using their own yeast fermented bacteria during processing, 
monitoring their rates of activity and ensuring that counterproductive bacteria, fungus and molds 
are eliminated from the process. 

With a 100% science-based project , they are capable to develop a full circle sustainability, 
creating sustainable incomes for farmers and their families and also providing resources to help the population. 
The project is helping 3,000-4,000 farmers and their families as well as provide 
economical , social , environmental , and educational benefits to the community.

Fermentum Natural process
In this process the ripe coffee cherries are laid on raised african beds for drying. 
The cherries are sprayed with kefir yeast that promotes a big body to compliment the peach-like flavour inherent in the coffee.