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Uraga Belesi *Rare*
Uraga Belesi *Rare*
Uraga Belesi *Rare*
Uraga Belesi *Rare*

Uraga Belesi *Rare*

Roast Type: All Coffee , Espresso , Fancy Beans

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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Guji, Uraga
Process: Supernatural
Variety: Heirloom
Elevation: 1950-2300masl
Brandy, Jaffa cake, Rose
A special limited edition release of one amazing Ethiopian from the Uraga processing station, in the Guji area.
Hailing from the birth land of Arabica, this lot has undergone a Supernatural process.
This coffee was curated by Project Origin who championed advanced processing methods such as this.

Supernatural process explained
» Coffees grow in small farmers backyards, known as “Garden coffee”
» Hand sorting of only ripe, red cherries at 20-22 brix
» Shade-dried in thick piles and regularly turned over to control fermentation for 3-5 days.
» Then thinned out during the day and piled up again inside plastic sheets at night for 6-12 days
» Thin layering of cherries on beds with frequent moving for 15-25 days, before de-pulping
» Our local partner, Primrose, do further quality control (as a minimum, a triple-pass through a colour sorter & a triple-pass through hand-sorting tables)
» Moisture content reduced to between 10-12%