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Villa Triunfo
Villa Triunfo

Villa Triunfo

Roast Type: All Coffee , Filter

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Country: Costa Rica
Region: Alajuela
Process: Natural
Variety: Starmaya
Elevation: 1550-1650masl
Passionfruit, Starfruit, Violets

Villa Triunfo had abandoned coffee production until 2014,
since then the farm undertook a radical overall renovation of its coffee plantations. 
Rust-resistant varieties, including the Marsellesa, were introduced.
Tall Grevillea trees provide much-needed protection from the harsh effects of the wind and sun. 
This 2.5 hectares lot, Villa Triunfo, is from a Starmaya certified seed producer for Costa Rican coffee. 
Starmaya (a cross between a male-sterile Arabica and Marsellesa) is a rare hybrid variety propagated directly through the seed instead of biotechnological methods. 
The plant is rust-resistant and economical to grow while yielding rich produce.

Situated in the highest part of the farm, coffee trees grow under the protective shade of tall Grevillea trees. 
These trees are known to provide a suitable micro-climate for coffee bushes, 
by safeguarding them from the harsh effects of the wind and the sun and providing cover for the soil.
The farm engages in environmentally sustainable growing techniques. 
In 2018, the farm decided to stop using herbicides and insecticides for weed control. 
Instead, cultural management of bean borers, natural fungi and traps have been used to tackle insects. 
These methods have resulted in ecologically important fauna returning to this region of the farm.
Environmentally safe processes are followed even at the Patalillo mill. 
Care is taken to ensure the microbial activity is at a minimum, by spraying the cherries with water to lower the temperature.