Why Do We Brew a Fancy Coffee Every Friday?

Why Do We Brew a Fancy Coffee Every Friday?

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For many people coffee is coffee, and the price per cup should stay static regardless of where it comes from, the quality it has, and the cost of making it.
Over the years Offshoot focused on raising the bar on quality, while being accessible for any customer to indulge in a coffee that’s a little bit more special.

Fancy Beans Friday is a movement that we started at Offshoot together with our big sister company – Mary Street Bakery

For +$2 you get a rare and unique coffee on batch brew.

Every Month we feature a different rare micro-lot that showcases a different spectrum of what amazing coffee could taste like. 

Building on our strong relationship with Mary Street Bakery we were able to create a bigger reach of sharing exciting coffees, with more people around Perth, inside the CBD as well as in the Suburbs.

The goal is to have more places serving higher end coffees. Offering it on batch brew, makes it ready to go while being fully extracted. It is no fuss, inviting for customers to try, and puts the spotlight on what’s in the cup. 

“Mary Street Bakery has always prided themselves as being purveyors of the delicious, and this program allows us to demonstrate exactly that. It gives us a platform to highlight some of the producers that are pushing the envelope of the industry and transforming the face of what we know to be coffee. It also forms the foundation of a dialogue between us, the end chain of the supply chain, and the customer. A dialogue that is well past due, not just about process and flavour, but about the adversity that the industry faces at all stages of the supply chain. These conversations are critical to how we not only grow and adapt as an industry, but how we survive growing socio-economic pressures. Becoming a heavily anticipated part of our rotation, the Fancy Beans program is a cornerstone of the experience we look to deliver to our wonderful customers and local coffee community.”
-Micheal Vincent, Head of Coffee Operations (Mary Street Bakery)

What Qualifies as a Fancy Coffee at Offshoot?

1. Flavour. 

We always put flavour first.

Ironically, the better the coffee is, the less it tastes like “Coffee”. Instead, surprising flavour notes that are floral, fruity, and even funky and boozy are all attributed for high end specialty coffee. Think of jasmine, fresh peach, strawberries, cacao nib, tea-like, liquor, winey. Those coffees tend to be lower on bitterness, high aroma, and distinct clarity of flavours.

2. Variety and species

Some Coffee varieties and species such as a floral and citric Geisha, a winey and berry like Sidra, or a super sweet and tropical Eugenoides. They all have unique flavour characteristics that are true delicacies.

3. Farm and Producer

Could be a rare farm, or producer, who won cup of excellence competitions, or their coffee was used on the world stage of Barista or coffee brewers championships. Or perhaps they are a notable producer who is known for innovation and pushing the envelope.

4. Processing Method

All coffee is fermented in order to remove the thick mucilage of the coffee cherry from the seed. 

Historically fermentation was seen as something that must be avoided and minimized during the processing stage. However, nowadays the best producers have learnt to harness the fermentation stage in order to elevate the coffee quality.  Tweaking with the fermentation stage can bring out different flavour profiles. Could be a fruity natural process, funky carbonic maceration, boozy anaerobic fermentation, or a precisely done clean washed process to highlight the seed’s inherited qualities.  

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We are always on the hunt to source new and innovative coffees that create a memorable cup. 

Thanks to our Fancy Beans Friday tradition, we are able to share with the coffee lovers an excellent coffee on a monthly basis, consistently. 


Come in and try a Fancy Bean this Friday or order your Fancy Coffee online now!


Rummy & the Offshoot Team


Please note our orders cut-off will still be every Monday 15:00 for same week delivery (Thurs-Fri). Any coffee ordered after will be roasted and delivered the week after.

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