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Offshoot Coffee

Finca Terrazas

Finca Terrazas

  • Guatemala
  • Red Apple, Prune, Brownie
  • 1350-1750masl

First roast 16/01/2024

Origin Story

Red Apple, Prune, Brownie
Country: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Process: Natural
Variety: Mixed Varieties
Elevation: 1350-1750masl

Finca Terrazas, nestled under the umbrella of the world-famous “Finca La Bolsa” group managed by Vides Farms, is located in Huehuetenango, Western Guatemala, bordering Mexico. This 132-hectare farm stands as a testament to the region's diversity and is recognized for cultivating some of the finest coffees in Latin America. The combination of Huehuetenango's favorable climate, high altitude, abundant water sources, and traditional varieties contributes to the farm's success. For natural coffees, only the ripest cherries are carefully chosen and dried on raised beds for 17-21 days. Annually, Finca Terrazas yields approximately 20,000 quintales of cherry. A range of offerings, including chocolatey volume offerings and fruit-forward microlots, reflects the rich coffee heritage of Huehuetenango.


Dose - 20.5g
Yield - 48g
Time : 26-30sec

*We use 20g VST baskets our water temperature is 93.5c

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