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Offshoot Coffee



  • Burundi
  • Red Currant, Sultana, Praline
  • 1700masl

Origin Story

Gatukuzawa Washing Station, situated in the Gashikanwa commune of the Ngozi province in Northern Burundi, has gained prominence in the local coffee scene.
Owned and operated by Nduwayezu Enterprises, under the leadership of Therence Nduwayezu,
the washing station plays a vital role in providing market access for approximately 3,000 farmers.
Renowned for its size and processing capacity, Gatukuzawa has the capability to handle up to 35 containers of green coffee equivalent,
making it one of the largest washing stations in Burundi.
To support the farmers in the surrounding areas, Nduwayezu Enterprises has organized them into groups of 30,
with training provided by "Leader Farmers" overseen by agronomist James NIYORUGIRA.
Additionally, farmers receive discarded cherry pulp, which they utilize as manure in their fields.
With an average of 385 coffee trees per producer, each tree yielding an average of 1.5 kg of cherries,
the farmers in this region surpass the national average of 1 kg per tree, resulting in improved incomes.
Nduwayezu's staff goes beyond training and pulp distribution by providing fertilizers, minerals, and, in certain cases, extending loans to selected members.
Gatukuzawa has been UTZ certified since 2019, with support from its sister company, Supremo.
Notably, in the 2019-2020 crop season, two lots of coffee from this washing station secured the first and second place in the prestigious Burundi Cup of Excellence competition.
This outstanding achievement would not have been possible without the relentless efforts of the farmers.
As a token of appreciation, Therence decided to reward them with a 400% price premium on the coffee they delivered during that season.

The success of Gatukuzawa Washing Station reflects a commitment to excellence and empowerment within the coffee community.
By implementing best practices, providing training and resources, and recognizing the contributions of farmers,
Nduwayezu Enterprises and Gatukuzawa are driving positive change in the Burundian coffee industry.


Dose - 20.5g
Yield - 48g
Time : 26-30sec

*We use 20g VST baskets our water temperature is 93.5c

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