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Offshoot Coffee

Gichathaini AA

Gichathaini AA

  • Kenya
  • Red Grapes, Grilled Peach, Sugar Cane
  • 1600-1900masl

First roast 03/10/2023

Origin Story

Country: Kenya
Region: Nyeri
Process: Washed
Variety: Batian, SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11
Elevation: 1600-1900masl
The Gichathaini factory is one of three washing stations that comprise the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society (F.C.S.), which is in the Mathira West district of Nyeri.
The factory itself is owned by the farmers who deliver their cherries here: There are about 1,045 registered members and 770 active members
who utilize the mill and, subsequently, are able to make elective decisions regarding factory representation and management.
The factory is located about 6 kilometers from Karatina town, and the conditions in the area are typically ideal for coffee: abundant rainfall, reliable average temperatures, fertile soil, and fresh water from the Ragati river.
Coffee is picked and delivered ripe to the factory, where it is sorted before being depulped the same day as delivery.
It is fermented overnight, washed using clean Ragati river water, and then moved to the drying beds.
The water used in the washing process is recirculated for conservation purposes, and moved to soak pits away from the fresh-water sources to prevent contamination.


Dose - 15g
Yield - 240g
Grind - Coarse
Water Temperature - 92c
Time : 3:00
4 pours of 60g every 45 seconds

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