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Offshoot Coffee

Jairo Arcila - Lulo *Rare*

Jairo Arcila - Lulo *Rare*

  • Colombia
  • Passionfruit Yoghurt, Papaya, Jackfruit
  • 1450-1500masl

First roast - 19/12/2023

Origin Story

Passionfruit Yoghurt, Papaya, Jackfruit
Country: Colombia
Region: Santa Monica, Armenia, Quindio
Process: Lulo & Wine Yeast Honey Fermentation
Variety: Castillo
Elevation: 1450-1500masl

First roast - 19/12/2023

Welcome out summer special coffee!
Lulo is a tropical fruit native to South America, resembling a small green tomato. Its tastes citrusy like a passionfruit, and has a distinct tropical note.
Try it over ice for the perfect summer drink!

This coffee was grown by Jairo Arcila at the farm Santa Mónica.
This coffee was exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation period of 72 hours with the pulp on.
During this fermentation stage, lulo fruit and wine yeast were added.
The cherries were then pulped and placed to dry on raised beds until the ideal moisture content was achieved.


Suggested recipe for V60 on ice!
Dose - 30g
Yield - 320g
Grind - Coarse
Water Temperature - 92c
Time : 2:55
4 pours of 80g every 45 seconds
Pour the hot liquid on a glass with ice, and enjoy!
*We use 2 cup Hario V60 Ceramic for this recipe, but a 1 cup hario V60 will also fit.
Our water is Reverse Osmosis 70ppm-100ppm

Suggested recipe for hot V60
Dose - 15g
Yield - 240g
Grind - Coarse
Water Temperature - 90c
Time : 2:55
4 pours of 60g every 45 seconds
*We use 1 cup Hario V60 Ceramic, our water is Reverse Osmosis 70ppm-100ppm

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