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Matcha - Japanese ceremonial grade - Kin Tea 30g

Matcha - Japanese ceremonial grade - Kin Tea 30g

    The highest grade organic ceremonial matcha made in Japan by tea masters. Finely stone ground for the smoothest hot or iced brew. 100% JAS certified organic matcha. Made in Japan. 30g net weight.

    Origin Story


    How to prepare traditional Matcha

    1. Put 1.7g (about 1 teaspoon) of Kin Matcha into a matcha bowl.
    2. Gently whisk to separate the powder.
    3. Pour in 150mL of 80°C water.
    4. Whisk with a bamboo chasen in a zig-zag motion for 30 seconds.
    5. Finish by drawing the chasen in a clockwise circle.

    To keep your matcha as fresh as possible, store it in the fridge in the tea container provided. This will keep it airtight and away from sunlight, preserving your matcha for longer. Best consumed within one month of opening the seal.

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