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Princess Peacock - By Dagu *Rare*

Princess Peacock - By Dagu *Rare*

  • China
  • Mandarin, Cherry, Pu’er Tea
  • 1400-1800masl

Origin Story

Country: China
Region: Menglian, Pu’er, Yunnan
Process: Natural
Variety: Catimor
Elevation: 1400-1800masl
Release date : 16/10/2023

Princess Peacock processing

The Princess Peacock undergoes processing through the esteemed 'red wine-natural' method, a technique that has gained prominence in Yunnan in recent years. Crafted exclusively from 100% ripe coffee cherries sourced at an elevated altitude of 1,500 meters, the coffee undergoes meticulous processing involving low-temperature fermentation, natural drying on racks, and a deliberate piling method for a nuanced, red wine-like flavor profile.

This exceptional coffee stands out due to its exclusive use of high-quality, high-altitude ripe coffee cherries, resulting in a remarkable level of sweetness. The precision applied in fermentation control contributes to a vibrant flavor expression with rich layers, providing an expressive experience akin to a gracefully dancing Peacock Princess. This distinctive blend allows connoisseurs to savor the authentic aroma of the Menglian region in Yunnan.

Notably, the Princess Peacock achieved recognition by securing the 7th position in the unwashed category in both the 2022 and 2023 editions of the prestigious Best of Yunnan Green Coffee Competition.

Dagu Coffee is situated in Xingang Village, Fuyan Township, Menglian County, Pu’er, Yunnan, China, at an elevation ranging from 1,300 to 1,700 meters. Spanning approximately 3,500 acres, with 8 acres exclusively dedicated to Geisha cultivation, the plantation boasts a significant altitude advantage. Dagu Coffee is home to a state-of-the-art coffee processing facility, boasting a daily capacity of processing 80 tons of coffee cherries. The establishment includes a standard drying field spanning 10,000 square meters, equipped with 4 drying machines, as well as standardized drying shelters and racks.

Annually, Dagu Coffee yields over 2,300 tons of coffee cherries and produces 380 tons of green coffee beans, with 30 tons classified as specialty grade. Hong YE, the visionary founder of Dagu Coffee, is a female producer committed to incessantly enhancing coffee quality. Her vision extends to embracing innovative processing methods to elevate the overall competitiveness of Dagu Coffee.

Dagu Coffee has been awarded with the following honors:
Starbucks ‘The Most Sales Volume Award’, 2016 to 2018
Starbucks Reserve coffee (blend of Pu'er and Baoshan), 2019.
Participated in the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exposition (as coffee exhibitor), 2019
1st Prize (Unwashed category) of The Yunnan Menglian Green Bean Competition, 2021
12th (Washed category) in the Best of Yunnan Green Coffee Competition, 2021
The Best Supplier of Manner Coffee, 2021
4th (Unwashed category) and 7th (Washed category) in the Best of Yunnan Green Coffee Competition, 2022
7th (Unwashed category) in the Best of Yunnan Green Coffee Competition, 2023


Suggested recipe for V60
Dose - 15g
Yield - 240g
Grind - Coarse
Water Temperature - 92c
Time : 2:55
4 pours of 60g every 45 seconds
*We use 1 cup Hario V60 Ceramic, our water is Reverse Osmosis 70ppm-100ppm

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