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Offshoot Coffee

Tres Dragones *Rare*

Tres Dragones *Rare*

  • Colombia
  • Brandy, Jam Drops, Dark Chocolate
  • 1500-1950masl

First roast 30/01/2024

Origin Story

Tres Dragones, meaning 3 Dragons, comprises six farms in El Valle del Cauca and Cundinamarca, owned by brothers Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera, hailing from a traditional coffee family. Originally leaving Colombia in the 1970s for engineering studies abroad, the Herrera brothers returned in 1998 with a vision to revive their grandfather's Hacienda and re-enter coffee farming. Under their leadership, Granja Tres Dragones has transitioned from traditional 'C' market coffees to sought-after specialty varieties, showcasing a progressive and experimental approach. The farm resembles a diverse coffee varietal garden, reminiscent of fine wine-making practices. Noteworthy innovations include meticulous cherry picking by a trained group paid by the day, emphasizing flavour attributes over disease resistance. Rigoberta identifies three pillars of coffee quality control: 'Genetic Material of the Variety, Terroir, and Human Talent,' with an emphasis on the latter. Their commitment extends to testing each delivery with a brix meter, akin to the wine industry, allowing precise adjustments in processing. Tres Dragones' dedication to quality, involving 95 quality hurdles, reflects an unparalleled investment in human resources, time, energy, and finances.


Dose - 20.5g
Yield - 48g
Time : 26-30sec
*We use 20g VST baskets our water temperature is 93.5c

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