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Offshoot Coffee

Espigao 026

Espigao 026

  • Brazil
  • Mandarin, Nectarine, Maple
  • 1000-1200masl

Origin Story

Process details
1 - Mechanised picking
2 - Washed to sort ripe cherries
3 - Extended fermentation in drums using air block (allowing CO2 out but no O2 in) for 120 hours
4 - Thin layer dried on patio until the cherries get down to 18% moisture content
5 - Drying finalised using the volcano technique for 20 days

The story of Gil Cesar de Melo, a coffee producer, traces back to his grandfather, Sr Miguel Constante, who cultivated coffee in Campos Altos township.
Gil Cesar inherited this love for coffee from his mother, Elizena, and eagerly joined the industry without hesitation.
In 1995, Gil planted his first six hectares of coffee and has since expanded his farm, always prioritizing quality.
His Espigao do Palmital farm is situated in Pratinha, Minas Gerais, within the Cerrado Mineiro region.
This location offers a perfect balance of climate seasons, with hot and humid summers and mild and dry winters, which greatly enhances the coffee's quality.
The Espigão Farm, where Gil's coffee is grown, possesses an ideal terroir with mountainous terrain, high altitudes, and abundant rainfall.
These factors create favourable conditions for cultivating specialty green coffee beans that exude exquisite aromas and flavours.
Gil's coffee has become a benchmark for new coffee standards and is highly sought after by customers worldwide who value quality and ethical practices.
Gil deeply values and respects the forest areas surrounding his farms, and he encourages his employees to preserve and care for the environment as well.
The coffee produced at Espigão Farm undergoes a meticulous quality control process,
starting from the initial stages of production in the crops to processing and the careful preparation of the coffee lots during the post-harvest stage.
This unwavering dedication and attention to detail result in exceptionally high-quality coffee.
Gil Cesar's profound connection to coffee culture runs deep in his roots.
He cherishes fond memories of his childhood, spending weekends and vacations with his grandfather on the farm.
Even at the age of six, he would eagerly explore the coffee fields, back when technology was not as advanced, and coffee was transported using ox-carts.
Today, Gil Cesar's passion for coffee has been passed down to the fourth generation.
His children, Edu and Hugo, bring a fresh perspective and contribute their knowledge and innovative ideas to the family business,
ensuring a bright future for their coffee legacy.


Dose - 16g
Yield - 250g
Grind - Coarse
Water Temperature - 92c
Time : 2:50
1 pours of 70g, followed by 3 pours of 60g every 45 seconds

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