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Finca Brumas - Orange Bourbon *Rare*

Finca Brumas - Orange Bourbon *Rare*

  • Costa Rica
  • Tangelo, Orange Liqueur, Maple
  • 1400-1800masl

First roast 26/12/2023

Origin Story

Tangelo, Orange Liqueur, Maple
Country: Costa Rica
Region: Central Valley
Process: Natural
Variety: Orange Bourbon
Elevation: 1400-1800masl
First roast 26/12/2023

Beneficio Brumas Del Zurqui is a 6-hectare farm located in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica in the sub-region of Heredia.
Approximately 3500 coffee trees are cultivated on the farm with annual production ranging from 4500 – 6500 bushels of coffee cherries.
Varieties include Villa Saachi, SL-28, Bourbon, Gesha, Caturra, and Orange Bourbon.
The cherries are processed naturally and are laid out to dry on African drying beds for about 10-15 days.
The farm is managed and run by Juan Ramon Alvarado Rodriguez and his family.
They are fourth generation coffee producers and in 2003-2004, they began innovating their processing methods and expanding their processing infrastructure.
They have also built out a cupping laboratory and roastery to ensure and maintain quality.
In the past couple years Beneficio Brumas Del Zurqui has had to face labour shortages
due to both the pandemic and workers moving on to other countries in search of other employment.
However, Juan takes great pride in what he does
and is glad to have been able to build a family, generate employment, and provide a positive social and economic impact to his community through coffee.

Juan encourages the roasters who buy his coffee to roast with intention and wake up feeling motivated, cheerful, and with a desire to live and have new experiences!
He hopes that the values and love of coffee he cultivates on the farm will be carried all the way through the pipeline from seed to cup.
“I hope to God that I will die a farmer and I hope my son does too” – Juan Ramon Alvarado Rodriguez


Suggested recipe for V60
Dose - 15g
Yield - 250g
Grind - Coarse
Water Temperature - 92c
Time - 2:50
4 pours of 60g every 45 seconds.
TDS - 1.26
*We use 1 cup Hario V60 Ceramic, our water is Reverse Osmosis 70ppm-100ppm

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