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Offshoot Coffee



  • Ethiopia
  • Blueberry, Muscat, Lemon Zest
  • 2268masl

First roast 27/02/2024

Origin Story

Blueberry, Muscat, Lemon Zest
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Gingo Bedesa, West Guji
Process: Natural
Variety: Heirloom
Elevation: 2268masl

This lot originates from local small-scale farmers situated in the Gingo Bedesa district within the West Guji zone.

Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of West Guji, Oromia, lies the Tadesse Desta Buku Dry Mill Site. Blessed with elevated terrain, ample rainfall, and meticulously tended coffee cultivars, this site yields coffee boasting a delightful cupping profile. Characterized by fruity and chocolatey notes, gentle acidity, and sweet undertones, the coffee's flavor profile is accentuated by the natural dry processing method employed.

The site's natural allure is further enhanced by its diverse canopy of shade trees and the presence of various indigenous wildlife species. Cherries harvested from surrounding farms are transported to the Tadesse Desta wet/dry mill, spanning 2 hectares and situated along the banks of the Awata River. Here, locally sourced cherries undergo further processing to attain export-ready status, utilizing African drying beds where they are carefully dried for 20-30 days, adjusting as per prevailing weather conditions


Dose - 20.5g
Yield - 48g
Time : 26-30sec

*We use 20g VST baskets our water temperature is 93.5c

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